Tabs I can't close

Here are some things I saw this week that I'm hanging on. Recency bias is real, but my Chrome and OneTab are strong. 

1. Tia - Read about their fundraising someplace, appreciated that their site was kind of crap on my air's browser but A+ on mobile, understand this problem myself and want to gift this app to my sister in law's littlest sister & cousins. WOMEN DESERVE BETTER HEALTH INFORMATION.

Jobs here // Why now? here  

2. (Download) McKinsey's 1-year-old Exec Summary on "Independent Work" (1099 summary: combo of freelance/gig economy/traditional contracting) - my shallow research on who does contracting work was very shocking. I'd have thought many more people were doing part-time/unpredictable/benefits-free work because they had to - McK's #s dispute.

Download McKinsey gig economy exec summary by clicking here

3. Googling when gossip comes up. Barron Trump is a kid and when a discussion of Trump's {literally anything else} came up, it turned to family matters, in a discussion with my family. I don't know if Barron is 'normal' (whatever that means) or anything else, but his school is something that is on the record and available, so if you want to know - google. Don't make stuff up.

Barron's old & new school names + new school's press release on his attendance this fall

4. 'Venture Capitalists with Daughters are more successful.' I don't even know what to say about this - there are so few VCs, and so few firms mark performance in a way I understand - I can't quite tell why this headline is attached here. I liked the headline but was so bummed reading this - I'm hung up. 

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