Thank you

As a midwesterner (expectation of thoughtfulness/consideration runs deep) and someone that conducted over 100 interviews in 2015 (according to my google calendar search results), I have opinions about Thank You notes. I was sharing some with a friend via text this morning and felt the desire to frame them up a bit. 


  1. Musts: Short, personal, clear. 3 (short) sentences, maximum, for normal circumstances.
  2. Consider how you expect the interviewer evaluated you and speak directly to potential weaknesses with work product, if possible (e.g. they grilled you on your design sense/operational experience, send something you made that speaks for itself) 
  3. If your note could have been written by anyone/your competition, rework it 
  4. Don't be funny/clever unless you can pull it off (if you're not sure, get a second opinion for someone that doesn't bullshit you)


  1. Misspell the interviewer's name or anything else; with only 2-3 sentences this really stands out.
  2. Pander/be too flowery about how amazing or brilliant someone is unless they seem ridiculously insecure (and even then, get a second opinion).
  3. Criticize yourself or be too short-term focused. Each interviewer is different. Don't let one bad interview de-rail your focus on the people as individuals and the company as one with multiple roles/information changing daily. 

I threw together a sample email for my friend but the whole point of this post is: DON'T USE AN ONLINE TEMPLATE! COMPOSE 2 SENTENCES LIKE A HUMAN THAT WAS PRESENT AND ENGAGED IN THE CONVERSATION YOU JUST HAD! 

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